The Death Experience

February 27, 2017
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July 16, 2017
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The Death Experience

   One can attain glimpses of Universal Consciousness in several ways, including meditation.  But these are temporary visions of what you can achieve.  They are good to have, because it gives you a ‘taste’ of the wonders that await you, and can thus motivate you on your path. But you cannot attain permanent Universal Consciousness, without first having a conscious death experience.  You cannot be fully Unselfishly Loving, if you have not had a death experience.  Oddly enough, you cannot really live until you’ve died.

Before we go on, let me make something very clear.  I’m not talking about “real”, physical death here – just the “essence” or “experience” of it.  More like the “near death” experiences you hear about in the news, where someone gets a severe
injury and temporarily die, and what they experience prior to coming back changes their life forever.  But a spiritual death experience brought on by meditation, and spiritual techniques, is even more profound, and accomplished without having to physically get near death to experience it. 

When you physically die, you always have a death experience.  But you don’t always need to physically die, to have a death experience.  A death experience may, or may not be, accompanied by physical death, as in the ‘near death’ experiences discussed above.  But for our purposes, we are just talking about the experience of death, not physical death.

Once one consciously experiences death, it totally changes their life forevermore – for several reasons.  For one, the selfish separate self(ego) ‘dies’ –  and this breaks the hold it has had on us.  The Inner Self, the part of you that is the Universal Spirit, can never end, never die, never be hurt, never be destroyed.  Thus the Inner Being takes its proper place on the throne of our life, and the separate self stops struggling for control.

“So the separate self is forever dead and gone within us, and we no longer have selfishness.”  

Basically, but not quite.  The separate self’s death is really only a temporary experience.  And only the self’s separate consciousness experiences this death. But to the separate self, the experience seems total, eternal and final.   And in fact, it is the final demise of the strange independent life that took control of us, became a selfish monster, and had us believing that we were really it.

“So it comes back on you to torment you again?”

While separate self consciousness only dies temporarily during a conscious death experience –  it dies long enough for you to fully experience Oneness with the Universal Spirit, and attain Universal Consciousness.  When you come out the other side of the death experience, the separate self is re-set, re-placed, re-born, but under the influence of the Universal Spirit – in the service of Universal Will. [Author’s note: It’s kind of like unplugging a digital clock – the memory, the time that was set, ceases to exist, but the clock still exists, and when you plug it back in, you can set a new time.]  Think of it like one of these robot things that are on TV and movies throughout the world these days.  One that has been running on a rampage of its own selfish survival programming.  If they manage to ‘unplug it’,  it ‘dies’ – but then you can reprogram it when you fix it, so when you plug it back in, it comes back to life, to do your bidding, instead of its own.  You have been living with such a robot your whole life – your separate self.  So you see, the separate self actually remains, but once it ‘dies’, it ceases to exist as the ‘king’, ‘queen’, or ‘commanding general’ of your life that it was, and it takes its proper place as the instrument, the servant, of the Universal Spirit.

“Can I accelerate or cultivate this experience so it happens sooner – I want to get on with it as fast as possible!?”

“You have been cultivating it daily, with your meditations, with facing your ego, and with disciplining yourself to transcend your selfishness.  But the biggest thing that is hampering you now, is your fear of death.

“I’m not afraid to die.” Yes you are. “No I’m not.”

Then we have nothing to discuss.

“I’m sorry.  I should say, I don’t think I’m afraid, I don’t feel like I’m afraid.”

Let’s see.  If you really want to accelerate it , you can begin to bring it on faster – your vision in your meditations is a doorway.   Eventually, you will enter a void, and then see another light, a greater light than you can imagine.  Move towards that.  Go into it.  Then we will talk more.

”I started working on this immediately.  Eventually I learned I could not make it come, I could only get it to come, by allowing it to.  It was passive control, not active, that this thing responded to. Finally, one day I did it, I entered the hole.  All of a sudden I was thrust beyond my control, through it, and into nothingness.  I felt like I was nothing.  I panicked, and I was swept back to where I began – back into my body, with a jolt.  I now realized I was afraid. I told him my story.  He didn’t have to say “I told you so”, we just both knew, and knew that I’d learned one more time, a lesson in humility, and respect. Don’t Fear the Reaper.”

You began, just began, to experience death.  It is your self only, who is afraid. It is your spirit that urges you on and loves the feeling.  While everyone fears death, this fear is unfounded. The fear of death is created and fostered by the separate self(ego), as a means of keeping its control and its selfish, separate ‘life’.  But you must go through it eventually.  

“How will it change me?”

One of the things about the conscious death experience that permanently changes us, is when we real-ize that our true consciousness, what we really are, doesn’t end with death. When we thusly experience that our true consciousness not only remains, but also has eternal life,  we lose the terrible fear of death from that moment on.  During the death experience, our true self also bathes in the light and Oneness of the Universal Spirit.  From then on, we know what really awaits us when we die.  Then we have the attitude of ‘So why be afraid of it?’ that stays with us.  We know we don’t need to be anymore. And if you have positively changed your life, and become Unselfishly Loving, the plane of light and love that awaits, is beautiful beyond description, beyond words.

The death experience also leaves you knowing that nothing can hurt you anymore, and you become fearless.

“And so you do stupid things that might get you killed?”

Perhaps, but more likely, smarter things that will make your life even safer, but more importantly, more worthwhile, and take the monkey off your back that you didn’t even realize you were living with every moment until now.  It’s hard for one who has not experienced death, to imagine how much of a hold fear, fear of death, has on us – and how much it affects the way we live our lives.  It affects all our feelings, all our decisions, all our actions.  It’s there with us all the time.  Once free from fear, life is lived with great feeling, great zest, great lightness, and great freedom. When you are free from fear, actions are no longer controlled by what we are afraid of, they are controlled by the real you, and based on what is right.

“But shouldn’t we be afraid of certain things, or we will be open to, or even cause, bad things to happen to us and be harmed?” 

Fear can and does have a purpose, but only in its proper place, only when it is not really ‘fear’ anymore.  It should become a warning mechanism only.  For instance, when you are driving a vehicle, and you see the gauge that says your engine is boiling over, do you scream in pain because of the hot water coming out of the engine, or take action to remedy it?  If we say that our life is like a car on a highway, and you see a truck crossing the line up ahead and veering toward you, you can take calm, logical, sensible action to avoid an accident, if you aren’t in the grip of fear?  However, if you are in the grip of fear, your action will be from panic, and you are far more likely to do something stupid that will actually cause an accident.  Fear attracts what it fears.  If you put a 6” wide plank down on the ground, and asked people to walk across it, they would do it every time without falling off. But put that same plank across a small pool of water with air bubbles, and tell people that the pool is filled with boiling water, their fear will actually cause them to lose their balance some of the time.  So to the contrary of your question and ‘fears’ about not having fear, the truth is quite the opposite – fear can bring you harm, and fearlessness can save you. Fear is the way the uninitiated live their lives. Not the initiated, not the enlightened being who is One with the Universal Spirit. 

Why be afraid of death?! It will happen anyway. Along with transcending our fear of death and realizing that death is but a doorway, comes the realization that your present lifetime, your present body, will die, it will end.  And this awareness stays with you every moment you live.  Once you experience it, you don’t fear it anymore mind you, you are just constantly aware of it.” “I know I’m going to die someday.” “Sure, everyone says they know they’re going to die – but no one really thinks they will.  They do quite the contrary – they constantly block it out.  When you really ‘get’ that you are going to die, it changes you – this gives you a feeling of cherishing every moment, every flower, every person.  And it doesn’t go away like it would if you just had a near car accident or such.  It permanently changes you.  You no longer take anything or anyone for granted.  Each moment is new and full, and you walk with death at your side, touching your shoulder, constantly reminding you to live life to the fullest, appreciate it to the fullest, and live the righteous life of a servant to the Universal Spirit.

“How do others have a death experience?”

How does one have a death experience?  Situations bring it about. Sometimes the conscious death experience happens in tandem with a physical death experience. Those who have had near death experiences that weren’t under the influence of drugs, anesthetics, etc., are lucky indeed. But generally, the conscious death experience is the end result of long efforts at spiritual growth. Meditation, self-discipline, working with a true teacher, ‘egobusting’, all put pressure on the separate self(ego) and ‘corners’ it. The pain of all that, along with losing attachments, of seeing the darkness in the world, all build up, and at some point you just can’t take it anymore. This has been called the ‘Dark night of the Soul’. This is the point when a person will either ‘flip out’ – or flip ‘in’, according to their free will choice. The self will tell you to run, at any cost, run! It urges you to get away from the source of the pressure. If you hang on, if you endure the suffering with patience, understanding, and love, you will have a conscious death experience, and break through to the other side.

Excerpt from. CLO


  1. Sher!ff says:

    This is purely amazing. I felt you touch the naked truth.

  2. Sher!ff says:

    This is purely amazing. I felt you touch the naked truth…

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