“Science-Magic” – Abracadabra or Hocus pocus?

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October 21, 2016
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“Science-Magic” – Abracadabra or Hocus pocus?


Our Ancient ancestors easily manipulated vibration, using thought, within a framework of scientific facts. God, and spirituality, were not vague concepts.  The Universal Spirit was not unknown to them, or some being that was ‘out there somewhere’.  And magic and miracles were not just something that existed in fairy tales and religious parables from days gone by. They were the scientific workings of spiritual forces on physical matter.

Spirituality, as well as materiality and physical life, were all simply based on scientific facts of Universal Laws.  For instance, they understood that psychic phenomenon, electricity, magnetism, gravity, light, sound, space, time, and such, were all related, and aspects of the same thing, and all followed Universal Laws.  The barbarian cultures that lived around us, or came into contact with our ancestors, couldn’t understand these things, so they just lumped it all together as ‘magic’ – some mysterious ‘something’ that could only be created and wielded by gods, devils, or witchdoctors with strange powers and rituals.  But what gives anything the appearance of magic.  If not deceptive illusions or tricks, what is real ‘magic’ other than creating or altering energy, and matter which is comprised of energy?  So in a very real sense, much of what we do is magic, but it is based in science, not superstition.  Thus, science magic is inherent in the Children of the Law of One’s entire approach to life and ‘religion’.  Visualization, for instance, works like magic.  You see it happening, and it happens.  Visualization is used successfully in everything from Zen Archery, to healing – and all such things have that appearance  of ‘working like magic’.

While our ancestors achieved wondrous things with their ‘science-magical tools’, it is not any more mysterious to us than defecating is to the uninitiated. To us, this use of the mind to create physical reality, is just a simple fact of Universal Law science, and a very fundamental one. This also applies to everything else in the Children’s early days on Earth, such as their use of pyramids to provide power to vehicles and buildings without any visible connection. All their understanding of God, spirituality, and the matters of day to day life, are based in this knowing that real magic, is science, and real science, is magic.
This lamp I am holding for instance. It has no batteries like they use in the outside world, yet it is powered. By what? Something you can’t see, and you don’t yet understand. Is it magic? I guess so. Is it science? I guess so.

Hear ye and listen, O my children.
Magic is knowledge and only is Law.
Be not afraid of the power within thee
for it follows Law as the stars in the sky.

Know ye that to be without knowledge,
wisdom is magic and not of the Law.
But know ye that ever ye by your knowledge
can approach closer to a place in the Sun.

List ye, my children, follow my teaching.
Be ye ever seeker of Light.
Shine in the world of men all around thee,
a Light on the path that shall shine among men.

Follow ye and learn of my magic.
Know that all force is thine if thou wilt.
Fear not the path that leads thee to knowledge,
but rather shun ye the dark road.

Light is thine, O man, for the taking.
Cast off the fetters and thou shalt be free.
Know ye that they Soul is living in bondage
fettered by fears that hold ye in thrall.

Shake off thy bondage, O children,
and walk in the Light of the glorious day.
Never turn they thoughts to the darkness
and surely ye shall be One with the Light.
Man is only what he believeth,
a brother of darkness or a child of the Light.
Come though into the Light my Children.


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